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    What are the applications of negative ions in human life?

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    medical care Medical care is mainly because of the principle of negative ions negative ions with antioxidant (reducing) the prominent role of anti-aging, and the negative ion oxidation (redox) is a kind of basic chemical principle, the chemical reaction is the electron exchange layer, lost electronic oxidation, called electron reduction, lose electron molecular (Group) or atom called positive positive ions, molecular excess electrons (Group) or atom electronegativity called negative ions. Therefore, small particles with negative ions have negative potential, that is, excess electrons can be added to aging cells or blood cell electrons. In order to achieve antioxidant anti-aging, reduce the role of free radicals. Negative ions are the negative oxygen ions to obtain excess electrons. In organisms, the electron of lipid is robbed and oxidized into senile plaques; the electron of protein is robbed, the function of cell is abnormal; the electron of the gene is robbed, and then the cancer is obtained. In organism, this kind of snatch electronic material is called "free radical". From the quantum medical level, the electronic snatch is the source of all diseases. Similarly, iron rust, stone weathering, plant decay, are the result of oxidation. The negative oxygen ion has a negative potential, that is, there are excess electrons. After the electron is added to the free radical, the free radical is reduced, which eliminates the free radical, and itself transforms into the oxygen molecule O2. clinical application Negative ion has achieved certain effect in the prevention and treatment of acute and chronic bronchitis, asthma, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, coronary heart disease, neurasthenia and other diseases. At present, there are negative ion family medical devices in China, and negative ions have been applied to clinical and health care. The clinical treatment of air negative ions is summarized as follows. 1. respiratory system diseases Inhalation of air negative ions can enhance immunity, enhance the body resistance and the reticuloendothelial system can accelerate, cilia movement, and dry mucus discharge, and can improve the pulmonary ventilation function of airway smooth muscle relaxation. It has been reported that air negative ions also have direct inhibitory effects on some pathogenic bacteria. 709 cases of patients with respiratory disease treatment Ji Guangxian, Chen Tingren reported, including 189 cases of common cold, acute and chronic bronchitis (439 cases of asthma, emphysema, accompanied by bronchiectasis), 29 cases of bronchial asthma, 10 cases of bronchiectasis, emphysema, pulmonary infection in 7 cases. 1-2 times a day, 20-45 minutes each time, 10-30 days for a course of treatment, negative ion concentration of 12-14.5 x 106 /cm3, the total efficiency of more than 90%. After the inhalation of common cold, nasal obstruction soon disappeared, other symptoms relieved to disappear, characterized by no 1 cases complicated with upper respiratory tract inflammation. After acute and chronic bronchitis treatment, inflammation, expectoration and other obvious improvement, especially for chronic bronchitis curative effect. After inhalation of negative ions, asthma, emphysema, chest tightness, and other symptoms disappeared, and the relief of wheezing symptoms was obvious. Fu Zhengkai and other 30 cases of acute and chronic bronchitis were compared before and after the treatment of pulmonary function and blood gas analysis, lung function VC or FEV1 has obvious progress, blood gas PaO2 has obvious change after treatment. After 1 years of follow-up, the cure rate of recurrence was 40%. 347 cases were treated with air negative ion and drug aerosol, including chronic bronchitis in 97 cases, chronic bronchitis with emphysema in 75 cases, pulmonary heart disease with respiratory tract infection in 54 cases, chronic pneumonia in 34 cases, and pulmonary tuberculosis with respiratory tract infection in 87 cases. Drug aerosols include antibiotics (gentamicin or kanamycin or penicillin plus streptomycin), alpha chymotrypsin, dexamethasone, and Houttuynia cordata extract. If necessary, add aminophylline or isoproterenol, sodium bicarbonate and so on. 2 times a day, 12-15 days for 1 courses, after 1-2 courses of treatment, the total effective rate was 89.9%. The control group had 65 cases (inhaled aerosol alone), the effective rate was 79.4%. 2. diseases of circulatory system Air negative ions can improve cardiac function and myocardial dystrophy, dilate peripheral blood vessels, and have a significant antihypertensive effect. Chen Tingren and other 53 cases of hypertension treatment (duration 1-10 years), the systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure >21.3kPa32 cases, >12.7kPa40 cases, 10-40 times of treatment, after treatment the blood pressure to a critical range or the 50 cases (with 18.7-21.3/12.0-12.7kPa as the critical hypertension standard), efficiency of 94.34%, headache, dizziness and other symptoms and sleep were improved. Liu Mingshun and other treatment of coronary heart disease in 35 cases, 27 cases of cerebral infarction, although markedly effective cases less, but can significantly relieve and alleviate symptoms, the total effective rate was 90.7%. Liu Mingshun et al. Treated 40 cases of cerebral infarction with 1 300-600mg/ (two times a day), 10 times a day for 1 courses. Markedly effective: limb muscle strength improved in 34 cases, effective limb muscle strength increased by 1-2 cases; 3 cases ineffective. The total effective rate was 92.5%. Experiments show that inhalation of negative air ions can reduce blood lipids and blood glucose, potassium content, calcium content increased. Yang Cunwang and other air negative ions in the treatment of hyperlipidemia in 65 cases (some with hypertension, coronary heart disease and cerebral arteriosclerosis), 2 times a day, 30 days for 1 courses, and the withdrawal of lipid-lowering drugs. After treatment the glycerin three fat decreased significantly, decreased more than 1.13mmol/L in 27 cases; 1.13-0.57mmol/L 23 cases; 0.55-0.23mmol/L 11 cases; 4 cases of less than 0.23mmol/L. With >0.23mmol/L as effective, the total effective rate was 93.8%. Serum total cholesterol was also decreased, dizziness, insomnia, fatigue and other symptoms were improved. Because this therapy is safe and has no side effects, it is especially suitable for middle aged and elderly patients with hyperlipidemia. 3. nervous system diseases Inhalation of air negative ions can regulate the excitability and inhibition process of cerebral cortex, make it tend to normal, and improve the mental activity and work efficiency. Improve sleep. Chen Tingren and other treatment of neurasthenia in 278 cases, 20 minutes each time, 20 times for 1 treatment

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