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    Yangzhou San Xing Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003 in Yangzhou, China.The company is located in No.88 DayiIndustrial Park,in the northern suburbs in the historical and cultural city of Yangzhou. The company covers more than 10,000 square meters.The company has an excellent technical team and marketing elite. Mr. Xu Decai,the founder of our company got involved in radio production and product development in the late 1980s, set up Tianchang innovative radio accessories Ltd in the early 90s of the last century. We designed a TV ignition coil development and production. He had orchestrated and specified industry product specification and quality control manual, making our company(xing xing xing) the first brand of the maintenance market and exported around the world .

    With the continuous change and development of the market economy, Mr.Xu led his technical team to break the routine,did a thorough breakthrough and development on TV ignition coil High Voltage Products and seeked for continuous development and innovation. And at the same time, we made reasonable research and development on purification of air pollution and electrostatic dust .We already had 30 patents. After ten years of careful running,Yangzhou San Xing Technology Co.Ltd. was founded in 2003 in Yangzhou, where information, industry are very developed and transportation is very convenient.The company mainly focus on brand building and have the purpose of innovating technology. 


    Today, in the economic integration and the rapid development of high-tech era, our company will open the door for you ,go out to the world hand in hand with you. We have the hope that we will have a bright future.
    2003 Go through the ISO9000 certification 
    2003 Cooperate with Application of Ozone Equipment Co., Ltd. Nanjing Guoli 
    2003-till now set up branch offices in main cities 
    2004 Develop the international market in Southeast Asia 
    2004 Cooperate with Jinan Qingqi Group 
    2006 Executive director units in coating industry 
    2007 Awarded by Yangzhou municipal government for being trustworthy on contract 
    2007 Being a member of Association of Private Enterprise Technology 
    2007 Cooperate with Alibaba and awarded as integrity Pioneer 
    2009 Cooperate with Volkswagen 
    2011 Awarded as Honest and Quality Services by JSTV 

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